The Bushman Heritage Museum

The artists at the Centre were the first in the village to be re-connected to their ancestral identity. They grew up in the township or on farms with the name “Bushman” as a pejorative term, and accepted their apartheid designation as “coloured”. Afrikaans, the language of the invaders, was the only language they knew. But through the museum, the wider community are finding and proudly identifying with their origins as Bushmen. 

The Arts Centre

We are a group of artists of /Xam descent in the village of Nieu Bethesda. We invite visitors to our Centre to experience our friendly hospitality in welcoming accommodation and to explore our tapestries of Bushman mythology. Chat to us in the studios where we work and buy our stunning artwork and craft at very reasonable prices.

  • Welcoming accommodation in our charming Tower and Priory.
  • Friendly indigenous people – artists of /Xam descent
  • Explore Bushman mythology  in our galleries of rich tapestries
  • Stunning artwork to buy at very reasonable prices